It has been 16 challenging years since my health tests began in January of 2005. God has challenged me to become a better person as well as a better Doctor. I was challenged not only to recover from my Brain Aneurysm, but to increase my knowledge of Health, & Healing at the same time. I have spent the past 16 years with an intense desire ( Thanks to God), to return to practice better than before. I have added many new facets to my Practice. Thank God, I can still use my Activator to Adjust Patients & do it well. I've spent many years in an amazing communications course, called the Landmark TMLP (Team Mgmt. & Leadership Program). I created a whole new Me, & listening for others out of my participation in this program. I have been certified in Acupuncture through Logan College's Basic & Advanced Acupuncture Post Grad courses. I have also learned many new Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic tools (TCM), so as to increase the effectiveness of the needleless Acupuncture in the Auriculotherapy I use to treat many different conditions, one of which is to Balance your energy & Balance your Life! I also have a wonderful new therapy called the Nano SRT (Stress reduction therapy) using Bio-electric Medicine principals, to reduce the Stress your body is effected by and exposed to. This amazing machine can detect what is causing Stress to your system, then turn around & treat the cause of the stress reaction in your body, so your body no longer perceives the stressor as stress anymore. Result: lowered Stress for a healthier You!


Dr. Kraft's mission is to help sick people get Well through Natural means, without the use of Drugs or Surgery


The use of a combonation of modern technology & Traditional healing Wisdom to help sick people get well & stay well while finding the Joy in Life again!