Urinalysis - is a wonderful tool which I use to peek into body chemistry, toxicity & function. It can give me clues into Organ function, & where to start looking for potential health challenges including Diabetes, Liver problems as well as body pH,& acidity levels. an Acidic body cannot be healthy! Cancer Loves an Acidic environment. Body pH is at the top of my pyramid of health, then comes Liver detoxification & Stress management. I have many ways of aiding the body in the handling of Over Stress/ Adrenal fatigue syndrome. All of which are either natural or Homeopathic. Do you know anyone that is not overstressed these days? So everyone can benefit from these De-Stressing therapies! Call me today to find out how?

Definition of Urinalysis from MedicineNet.com:

Urinalysis: A test that is done in order to analyze urine. Because toxins and excess fluid are removed from the body in urine, analysis of urine can provide important health clues. Urinalysis can be used to detect certain diseases, such as diabetes, gout, and other metabolic disorders, as well as kidney disease. It can also be used to uncover evidence of drug abuse. Accurate urinalysis may require a 'clean catch' of urine. Before a person gives a urine sample, he or she should drink plenty of fluids and wait until 1 or 2 seconds into the flow of urine before catching the urine in the receptacle. For some tests it is important to get the first urine of the day, which contains the highest concentration of toxins and other substances to be analyzed. For other tests, a 24-hour collection of urine may be needed.