Discover How To Live A Life Free From Alzheimer's Disease

Welcome everyone, my name is Dr. George Kraft. Dr. Bredesen’s ReCODE program follows closely to my gut rebuilding and detoxification program. I am here to offer coaching and guidance through the use of the ReCODE program to prevent and reverse cognitive decline, commonly known as “dementia” or “Alzheimer’s.”

In this program we will find the Root cause of your cognitive decline through blood testing, genetic testing, as well as other diagnostic testing that I run in the office. This will help identify what is needed to reverse and prevent even more cognitive decline. There have been hundreds of patients of Dr. Bredesen’s that have seen success in the reversal of cognitive decline. I am here to coach you through the program ensuring you have the support necessary to succeed.

You can click here for an executive summary from Dr. Bredesen’s book “The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline.”

Disclaimer: I do not diagnose cognitive decline, commonly known as “dementia” or “Alzheimer’s.” I coach people through the program to ensure success.

Please view the latest links on my blogs posts below to find out the latest information for how this program works. I have added 2 fantastic videos that wonderfully explain the program: Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Bredesen About ReCODE Protocol & Dr. Mark Hyman interviews Dr. Dale Bredesen.