On January 18th 2005 my Brother Jonathan found me unconscious on my bedroom floor, I had had a Brain Aneurysm. I have spent the last 16 years physically rehabilitating & being a single Dad to my son Zach, also learning TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) & Acupuncture, which I have learned to do without needles. I practice needleless Auriculotherapy. I stimulate the Ear points with either a Stim Plus electric point stimulator or a 635nM Cold Laser, both of which will activate an Acupuncture point within about 30 seconds. I have seen many amazing results from Auriculotherapy treatments. I have a friend in Lincoln Nebraska with MS. We were at a seminar in Chicago when she told me that her vision was being affected by her MS, so I Adjusted her cervical spine & performed the MS Auriculotherapy Protocol on her right ear, by the next morning her vision had returned to normal. I have had similar results in patients with migraine headaches during pregnancy with pre-eclampsia & elevated BP. By Adjusting the C-spine, the symptoms resolve by morning. Dizziness has also been resolved through C-spine Adjusting & Auriculotherapy, as well as cervical disc pain referral to the Left shoulder, resolved in just 2 days. The Ears have an intimate link to the Central nervous system. Any Acupuncture point on the body is available through the ears. This is why Auriculotherapy is So effective! I’m thrilled to be back in practice, I’m here & ready to serve you with God’s Blessing!

God Bless all of you!

Dr. George is Back! (Pun intended)